Triple Citrus?

I see lime zest and orange juice called out in the ingredients list. The instructions mention adding zests.

What/where is the 3rd citrus?

Bruce Kohler


Sarah L. April 9, 2020
Regine is right. I got the cookbook from which this recipe is excerpted, and it calls for "½ teaspoon freshly grated zest" of orange, lemon, and lime (so 1½ teaspoons between the three citruses).
Nancy April 21, 2019
Other similar recipes use an equal mixture of juices and zests from orange, lemon & lime. You could do the same, using this recipe's quantities and dividing according to taste, or what you have on hand.
Smaug April 21, 2019
These recipes really need to be edited, this kind of thing is getting far too common. Since it says "zests", I'd guess that they intended to zest the orange. The triple could refer to the zest, juice, and orange segments, I suppose, but the recipe is terminally ambiguous.
Regine April 21, 2019
Must be lemon zest. I would add 1/2 tsp each of lemon zest and orange zest to the 1/2 tsp lime zest that is mentioned in instructions.
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