Water on top of cake when done

There was a tablespoon of water on top of the cake. I tried to pour it off but can’t without the cake coming out! Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Posted by: Erika
  • March 28, 2020


HalfPint March 28, 2020
I tent my instant pot cakes with a piece of parchment or foil to keep water from dripping on top. But as Brinda posted, just gently blot the water out with a paper towel.
Brinda A. March 28, 2020
Hi Erika! I haven't had a chance to make this recipe but poked around the internet a bit and found a solution: This blog (https://thisoldgal.com/pressure-cooker-new-york-cheesecake/) suggests that the water here is simply trapped condensation, and that you can simply tilt the pan and carefully blot it off with an absorbent, clean kitchen towel or paper towel.

I hope this helps!
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