Different from Genius Desserts book version?

I'm curious about the difference between this recipe and the one printed in the Food52 Genius Desserts book. It looks like there is one more egg, less flour, plain milk, and a few more small changes in the book version. Are they both variations of Heatter's second lemon cake?

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1 Comment

Smaug April 24, 2019
Not entirely sure what recipes you're looking at- Mme. Heatter published two versions of this cake; the first (from her "Book of Great Desserts")had technical problems and a second version, with less sugar and eggs, was published in her "New Book of …". That is the version this link leads to, except for some reason there's 1/3c. less flour in this one. I don't own the book you mention (or any books that use "genius" as an adjective) but the recipe you described sounds like her "East 62nd St. Lemon Cake", from the "New Book..."
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