Does the type of apple used matter? Sweet/Tart?

  • Posted by: carolyn
  • April 27, 2019


BerryBaby April 29, 2019
Depending on what year this is from, I know during my grandmothers time Apple choices were limited...Delicious, McIntosh, Jonathan, Green apples (that's what they called them but probably Granny Smith). Granny Smiths are great for baking...that would be my choice.
Smaug April 30, 2019
The "green apples" may also have been Newtown Pippins- really the best tart baking apple but with a limited availability (I think they don't store very well)- I believe they are grown quite a bit in Oregon.
Miss_Karen April 28, 2019
Cortland apples don't 'oxidize' even when baked, so that is why many restaurants use them in salads...I like Braeburns or Winesaps. Gala or Fugi are good too. Stay away from the apples that mush up when baked (Golden or red delicious etc)
Leith D. April 28, 2019
I usually use what I have in the house, honestly. We like tart apples but I've used a mix of both and it's come out great. If you know your apples are sweet maybe reduce the sugar a little bit. Good luck!
Smaug April 28, 2019
Up to you, but it's going to be very sweet.
Emma L. April 28, 2019
Hi Carolyn! I haven't made this particular recipe myself, but my go-to baking apples are: Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, and Jonagold. Hope this helps!
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