Foodie Wedding Reception Appetizer Ideas

We are hosting our daughter's wedding reception for a hundred here in Ramona in 2 weeks. It's a mostly catered luau and limited by a quite tight budget. I am making three appetizers and an Asian type salad but I need help with one of the appetizer ideas. I have a great recipe for peanut sauce and so we're thinking to do fresh rolls, and the second appetizer is from a fabulous recipe from here which is pork belly rolled around Shiso (Perilla) leaves, cut into pinwheels and barbecued, (fabulous!) and for the third I was hoping for a packaged dumpling, or shu mai, or gyoza so I could simply add a sauce and keep the labor more moderate. Do you have any suggestions for me? I am very grateful for any and all inspiration! ♥

Jolinda Marshall


BerryBaby May 2, 2019
Oldie but cost effective and people love them....cocktail franks in a sweet and sour sauce with chunks of pineapple. Costco sells the big pkgs and I'm sure you can find bottled sauces there as well. Good luck! BB💐
Jolinda M. May 4, 2019
Thanks so much for your input. We are considering their pineapple meatballs with fresh pineapple and making skewers. Time to make some final decisions here as it's a week away!
Stephanie B. May 1, 2019
If you live near an Asian grocery stores, I'd bet you could find lots of pre-made and/or frozen dumpling options for a good price.
Jolinda M. May 1, 2019
Thanks very much for your comment. Yes we live close to H-Mart and another Asian store I'm just looking for recommendations for the best of those
Stephanie B. May 1, 2019
Did you see this timely article today? Unfortunately it doesn't list specific brands/types, but H mart has sooo many options Maybe the article author, Eric Kim, can suggest something specific? He is active in the comment thread.
Jolinda M. May 1, 2019
Thanks... Saw it and commented myself even.
EllieA May 1, 2019
Trader Joe's pork shu mai are delicious, although they might not be right cost-wise.
Jolinda M. May 1, 2019
Yes they are delicious as are there shrimp ones. Cost-wise I might have to go with Costco if I can't find the perfect thing at H Mart
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