Wrong Oven Temp listed for Cardamom Cake from Niloufer Ichapori King

The cookbook this recipe was shared from, My Bombay Kitchen, says to preheat the oven to 375 F but your recipe says to preheat only to 350 F. Mine was still batter after 35 minutes at 350. Fortunately I had the cookbook which said 375 F, turned the oven up and baked it another 20-25 minutes



Candice May 18, 2021
Whoops, our oven decided to quit working the very next day, sending off an alarm, so It is difficult now to know precisely why the cake took so long to cook. We LOVED the cake that eventually baked and will definitely make it again after the oven is repaired.
Kristen M. May 18, 2021
Oh, that’s never fun. Thanks for letting us know and I’m glad the cake was a hit anyway!
Kristen M. May 17, 2021
Hi Candice, I just double-checked my copy of My Bombay Kitchen and the online version that I referenced in my initial tests and both have it at 350F—how strange! I wonder if we have different editions and it was updated? The exact timing will depend on how hot or cool your oven runs and the material of your cake pan, so it's always best to rely on the visual cues more than the exact timing. Thanks so much for trying the recipe and sharing your experience.
Emily K. May 17, 2021
Thanks so much for sharing, Candice. We're looking into this and will be sure to update as need be. Appreciate it!
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