Which would be a better usage of Kobe Beef?

I got some of Kobe Beef yesterday but I'm trying to figure out what would be a better dish to use it for since it's such a high grade meat. Would it be better to use it for a steak(or something on of that sort) or would it be fine to for example; cube it and use it for a curry or Rendang(Indonesian dish)

Joseph Kim


Gammy May 19, 2019
I agree with Kate! Even if a cut of US Prime beef, I would cook/grill as simply as possible to highlight the flavor of the beef. Curries have so much other flavors going that easily outshine the flavor of the beef.
kate S. May 19, 2019
Is it real Kobe from Japan or American "Kobe-style"? If it is real, A5, I would definitely cook it on its own and would not waste a $100 steak it in a curry. If it is Kobe-style, I would yield to your preference
Nancy May 18, 2019
It will be good anyway you preapre it.
Two answers -
Follow your own taste/preference.
If large enough, divide and make some of each, for different meals.
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