It seems like in step 3, you roll both oil and water doughs together, then cut them in half, then flatten them. This would result in 12 pieces.

However, there are 6 buns, so do the two pieces go back together when they are flattened (after rolling them into the cigar and cutting lengthwise?)

  • Posted by: Jassy
  • May 20, 2019
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1 Comment

Ellie B. May 21, 2019
Hi Jassy, great great question! This was so long ago so if I remember correctly, I think I did end up with 12 top crusts EXCEPT I had only made six buns for this recipe. So I saved the crusts in the fridge and then made more buns a few days later and used those up. So yes, you should just end up with 6 buns and one crust on each of those 6 buns! ;) You can save the rest for later.
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