Description of recipe mentions sweet potato cooked in Coconut oil

Recipe mentions sweet potato cooked in Coconut oil but there is no coconut oil in the ingredient list or in the method/steps. Can you let me know when and how to use it. Thanks

  • Posted by: Nicky
  • May 29, 2019


Posie (. May 30, 2019
Thanks Nancy! Exactly right—the original recipe which inspired this one used coconut oil so I sometimes do. You can either roast them with coconut oil and then mash (instead of boiling) or you can boil them and then mash them with both coconut oil and butter.
Nancy May 30, 2019
Though original writer (then Posie Harwood, now Posie Brien) didn't specify amount of coconut oil, I would just roast them as I normally do regular or sweet potatoes.
Start with scant tablespoon of oil per potato, lighly drizzle over them in an oven-proof pan. Add more oil to lightly cover the pan, or to taste. Then roast in a medium oven about 45 minutes (timing more or less depending on size and whether you cut them up).
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