Can I substitute something else for the wine?


Lori T. June 2, 2019
If it is alcohol that you wish to avoid, you can also consider using a dealcoholized wine. I get those from our local big wine shop, and have found them acceptable. I use a red wine version to make sangria with so everyone in the family can enjoy it. It's not quite the same flavor, but close enough to be a decent alternative. I've use the white wine versions in other dishes, and it worked as well.
Nancy June 2, 2019
If this is a no-wine but other alcohol is ok question, then consider using
- brandy, sometimes used in this soup (but dilute it as 2c brandy will make a very strongly alcoholic soup)
- beer (but then it will be a different dish).
If this is a no-alcohol question, use a dry white grape juice, or other quality fruit juice (again, it will be a different dish).
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