Is partly boiled bone chicken put in fridge yesterday good to cook today?

Partly boiled chicken refrigerated.
There was an emergency an i had to leave the house like now and im in the middle of boiling drum bone chicken an it maybe has been on for 5 minutes an i just drained it n threw in a container. Cooling off an seal to throw in fridge. will i be able to cook tomorrow? Reboil then throw in oven???

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1 Comment

Lori T. June 6, 2019
No, unfortunately it would not be safe to do that. The chicken did not reach a temperature to kill off all the bacteria, and some of it would have gotten warm enough to begin reproducing. It won't cool off quick enough in the refrigerator to prevent other bacteria from increasing in numbers either. That the official line, and the safest route to take would be to sacrifice the partially cooked bird to the garbage. That said- I get budget considerations. If I could return home this evening, I'd cook that bird done and eat it tomorrow. Otherwise, I would not risk it.
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