Would this recipe work with rice vermicelli?

Assuming the bean thread adds a certain texture to the dish, would rice noodles be an acceptable or terrible replacement?

  • Posted by: Sania
  • June 7, 2019
Vietnamese Bean Thread Salad
Recipe question for: Vietnamese Bean Thread Salad


Lori T. June 7, 2019
I actually made this and did just what you suggest. I hadn't intended to, because I thought I had cellophane noodles. What I had was rice vermicelli- and no inclination to go to the store, so I used them. It was just as tasty as I imagine it would be with the bean thread noodles. The texture is not quite the same, and neither is the look obviously. The glass noodles will be clear and gelatin like, the rice noodles opaque and a bit starchy. But all mixed together, it's still yummy no matter which you used.
HalfPint June 7, 2019
As Viet, I'd say 'Yes' :)
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