Basil Measurement in ounces instead of a bunch

I grow my own basil. Can you give an estimate of the amount of basil to use in ounces? TIA

  • Posted by: Lori
  • June 18, 2019


Gammy June 20, 2019
Frustrating, isn't it? I have the same issue when a recipe calls for a "bunch" of parsley. Sure wish they would give measurement even if in weight, or even number of stems. I could deal with the strength of the fresh herb if I could have a baseline/ballpark amount to start.
Smaug June 18, 2019
Some day, someone will figure out a way to measure fresh herbs, but we're not there yet. Moisture content varies a lot, as does the strength of the herb,and supermarket basil tends to be pretty stemmy, so weights aren't that helpful. Volumes are worse, a "cup of leaves" could be any amount. You'll probably just have to go for something that looks like a supermarket "bunch", or "small handful", though that varies by the grocer, the season, and probably the area. Fortunately the quantity isn't critical in this recipe- you could keep adding to the food processor until it looks more or less like the picture and will cover your pasta; it should be a lot easier if you make it a second time.
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