Cooking stages for chicken recipe

The recipe call for
1: cover breast with flour,
2: soak in beaten egg,
3: cover with bread crumbs.

What I do not understand...
Why place the piece in flour and then in beaten egg.
The flour does not stay as the egg washes it out.
Why that first step.. I must do something wrong!

  • Posted by: PPk
  • June 19, 2019
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1 Comment

Lori T. June 19, 2019
It's a standard way of breading something to help keep the breading on the food, so you end up with a nice crispy crust. The meat surface is a bit damp, so the egg alone won't be able to hold onto it easily. The flour dredge helps because it absorbs some of the meat moisture, and gives the egg something to hold on to. In turn, the egg/flour mixture can keep a grip on the breadcrumbs. You don't need a thick coating of flour, just what will cling to the meat by some gentle patting with your hand. The dip in the egg wash is also not supposed to be a soaking bath- it's a quick dip in and out, just enough to get that flour wet. Some of the flour will come off, but not all of it. Then your breadcrumbs will be able to stick better, especially if you also give those a good pat to secure everything. If you skip the flour stage, your egg and breadcrumb coating will slide right off into the pan of oil, or when you try to eat it. It also helps a bit if you let the breast - or other chicken part, sit, rest and dry a bit before taking that egg wash dip. You can refrigerate it for half an hour or so, or just let it sit for a few minutes. Point is, it will absorb some of the moisture, and make a sort of pasty looking coat that everything else will hold onto better. The three part coat makes for a crispier finish than you will get otherwise. Just remember- the egg wash is a dip- not a bath. And don't be afraid to pat the flour or the breadcrumbs on with a little firmness. It's already dead, so you can't hurt it.
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