What are the chances of getting sick from blender made hollandaise?

It's not exactly like we are properly cooking the egg yolks, and I don't believe that a little warm melted butter is going to get rid of all of the nasty stuff in uncooked eggs. What are the chances of a person getting sick?

Michael Crowder


BakerRB June 21, 2019
You can purchase pasteurized whole eggs in a standard carton at many US grocery stores. Davidson's/Safest Choice is the brand I've seen. They're pretty clearly labelled as pasteurized. Unless an eater has a weakened immune system, though, odds are really, really, really slim there will be any medical problems from home-use eggs that haven't been pasteurized and have been stored properly. Despite knowing that, though, when I use less than fully cooked eggs for a crowd I find the Davidson's.
Gammy June 20, 2019
Unless you have a compromised immune system or other serious health issues, You should be fine. If in doubt check with your physician.
ktr June 20, 2019
If your eggs are fresh and from a clean farm there is little risk.
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