I have been trying to duplicate this recipe for 30+ years. My Italian great aunt used to make a bread pudding that looked purple/gray'ish in color.

I have tried molasses, raisins, coco, just about everything. After it was baked, she would transfer it to tin foil [round 9" baking pan size] and let it cool. It was thick enough to just cut and eat with our hands. I remember watching her rip bread and boil milk-but the rest is a mystery to me. Anyone have a pudding recipe in the family that looks like this?

  • Posted by: Lucy K
  • June 28, 2019


HalfPint June 28, 2019
Have you tried adding blackberries or blueberries? When I add blueberries or blackberries to cake batter, the batter turns a purplish/grayish color.
Lori T. June 28, 2019
I wonder if your grandmother was using zwetschgen to make her pudding. Those are also called Italian prune plums sometimes. My German grandmother made several desserts using them, one called a zwetschendatschi - which is a sort of plum cake or tart mix. But she also made a sort of bread pudding with them as well, especially if they were very ripe. She would cook them down to a mush, and layer it in with the bread. It also turned a purple/gray color when it was done. As far as how dense it turns out, that depends on the type of bread and how many eggs are in the custard. Here in the states it's not easy to find fresh prune plums, and when you do it will be in the fall. If you wanted to try it before then, you would have to rehydrate prunes, which is what the fresh ones become when dried. Regular fresh plums might also work, but to me they don't taste quite the same. Hope this helps you some.
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