Tried but didn't come out, what do you suggest

At 15 minutes, it was so wet the red mixed in with the white half /cry

Ka'uilani Data
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Thick Three Layer Chichi Dango
Recipe question for: Thick Three Layer Chichi Dango

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Smaug July 1, 2019
It's not that we don't love you but... it doesn't look like anyone else has tried this recipe. Just from reading it, my best guess would be that your oven temperature is off (assuming you used the right sized pan)- this is quite common. If you try again, I'd suggest testing the first layer by laying your palm on it to see if it seems near to solid before adding the next layer- it does look like they're intended to intermix a little bit. It's tough to depend entirely on baking times, as there are always variables, and different ovens can behave quite differently. At any rate, good luck with it.
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