If i want to make 30 sandwiches at once, how does it change the time in the oven ?

It would be 7 1/2 pound of meet, would you recomend to cook the meet in smaller portions or all at once?...thank you so much and greetings from Mexico. Btw i love your recipes!!

Ilse Espinosa Santaella
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Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Recipe question for: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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Emma L. July 8, 2019
Hi, thanks so much! It really depends on what size Dutch oven you have. If you can comfortably fit 7 1/2 pounds pork shoulder in one pot, then go for it! It will take longer to get tender, but just follow the same cue as the original recipe: It's ready when you can easily shred the meat with two forks. And if you don't have a big-enough pot, I'd just divide the meat into two pots and cook those at the same time (assuming they'd fit in the oven at the same time). Hope this helps!
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