Can a person deep fat fry in the oven? Meaning, can I put a cast iron skillet full of oil in the oven and cook my fried chicken?



scruz July 14, 2019
please don't do this. it is so unsafe. you could dump the scalding oil. you could start and terrible fire. so unsafe.
Ethyl July 13, 2019
Hmmmm, I guess you could, but you would need to keep opening the oven to temp the oil, check the browning on the chicken, temp the chicken too..... Opening the oven that often will cause the temperature in the oven to fluctuate, which would likely cause the oil temperature to fluctuate.

Is there a particular reason you want to do this? Maybe there's a different solution to the problem you are having?
Smaug July 13, 2019
An interesting concept, but really doesn't sound very practical, and it would certainly be messy.
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