Hi, recipe sounds good....can I sub EVOO for the canola oil? Never use canola. Thank you!

  • Posted by: Suzy Q
  • July 15, 2019
Summer Entree Peach Salad
Recipe question for: Summer Entree Peach Salad


Gammy July 16, 2019
Since peaches are a stone fruit, what about using half almond oil? OR perhaps sunflower oil?
Suzy Q. July 18, 2019
Thank you Grammy! I found some unopened walnut oil....good idea!🌞
Smaug July 15, 2019
Do you have anything specifically against Canola? I seem to recall reading that some people have some health concerns about it, but I don't remember specifics- someone or another seems to have health concerns about practically everything.
Suzy Q. July 18, 2019
Thank you for your time to reply to my query on oil. I appreciate your thoughts. I agree, more and more people are discovering the responses that their bodies have to various foods. Fortunately there are more and more options available to us than ever before and more and more reliable resources. 🌞
Wendy July 15, 2019
I usually use grape seed oil when I want something lighter than EVOO.
Suzy Q. July 18, 2019
Don't have any grape seed, but found walnut oil which I'll now try. Grape seed will be a good addition to my pantry. Great idea!
Thank you. 🌞
Lori T. July 15, 2019
I'm with Emma on this. EVOO would overpower the peaches, and bring a light olive taste to the party. What you want is a neutral tasting oil. I can't recommend the "light" olive oils as a substitute, because those are all processed and filtered from the second pressing after your EVOO is removed. Canola oil would be the best choice, really. That's what I use for general cooking purposes and in dressings where I don't want an olive flavor. I keep the good EVOO for other things which don't involve heat.
Suzy Q. July 18, 2019
Hi Lori,
You are right. I did a test run with the olive oil since it was all I had on hand. Not a good choice. Too heavy and too pungent for a peach.
I found some walnut oil and it works very well! Thank you for your time and thoughts. 🌞
Emma L. July 15, 2019
You could, but the flavor would be a lot more noticeable—and it might distract from the peaches. I'd recommend doing a blend of half olive oil, half neutral-flavored oil.
Suzy Q. July 18, 2019
Hi Emma, you were right on about the flavor overpowering my peaches. I left out the oo and decided to use a walnut oil. Came out well. Thank you so much! 🌞
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