i left fish out for an hour at room temp. Is it still ok?

  • Posted by: jess
  • July 30, 2019


Stephanie G. July 31, 2019
I always set my fish out on the counter to let it come to room temp before baking. Usually 45-60 minutes. I think you'll be fine.
Jennifer P. July 31, 2019
I've done this so many times and have been completely fine, but honestly use your best judgement. If it smells off, throw it out. If it feels slimy, throw it out. Most times, letting protein get to room temperature before introducing heat actually produces a better sear. I'm sure most recommendations would say to not use it, but again, you know best what you're willing to eat!
jess July 31, 2019
Thanks! I did still use the fish (no fishy smell) and it was totally fine. Thanks for your comment :)
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