repeated solicitations on opening the site

Hi, even though I am a member, every single time I open up the site, I am asked to sign up for an email for a discount before I can read content. Can you either have a "no thanks" option or just stop after the first one if it is closed without a positive response. it is really annoying that it happens every single time. Thanks

  • Posted by: mmurray
  • August 7, 2019


boulangere August 8, 2019
I couldn't agree more. It's beyond annoying.
Grace O. August 7, 2019
Thanks for this feedback! We're always looking for ways to get new users to engage with us - and understand this can be a frustrating experience for members. We're actively working on improving these messages - so thanks again for your thoughts here.
mmurray August 7, 2019
then how about adding a "no thank you" option which, if chosen, would stop the repeated solicitation while keeping your option open to engage a new user?
Cary August 7, 2019
Agreed! Or at least show only once a month. But I'm not holding my breath...
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