A question about a recipe: Heavenly Kanafe.... Where can I find orange blossom water in NJ

I have a question about step 4 on the recipe "Heavenly Kanafe.... A Syrian Desssert made with Ricotta & Shredded Filo Dough" from Joy Betesh. It says:

"For the syrup, bring the sugar, water and lemon juice to a boil and then simmer for 15 minutes. Add the rosewater and orange blossom water. This syrup may be made ahead and refrigerated."



amysarah March 25, 2011
I'd try Whole Foods too - but it sounds like you're in the Princeton area?

Blossom waters are also used in Indian cooking...and a great source for Asian groceries (India, China, Japan, India, Thailand, etc.) is the Asian Food Market chain throughout NJ, including one in Plainsboro, just outside Princeton:
Enormous selection - fresh fish/meat, huge produce dept., spices, groceries, etc. I'd be surprised if you couldn't find it there. Great prices too. (Also, there are many smaller Indian grocery shops between Princeton and New Brunswick - large Indian population in area.)
Panfusine March 24, 2011
Thank you Joy, really honored to try this out. Will seek your Grandmother's blessings before I start!
Joy B. March 24, 2011
Hi Panfusion,
I live in NJ, too! You can get Cortas Orange Blossom Water from Sarah's Tent in Deal, NJ, 732 531 5560 or Shalom Food, 732 531 4838. I am sure you can also find it in any Middle Eastern or Indian Grocery....if you live near Patterson, NJ, you can find a Middle Eastern grocery there.
Sam1148 March 24, 2011
Check out middle eastern stores. It's sometimes just called "Orange (flower) Water".
Call whole foods and Trader Joes and see if your local one has it under that name.
Panfusine March 24, 2011
Whole foods it is... I'm sure the one in Princeton would stock it too! Thanks much Stockout!
Stockout March 24, 2011
Hi Panfusine. I live in NJ and have access to Kings Market in Morristown and Whole Foods in Madison. They both sell orange blossum water. If you are not near them you can order it at www.ethnicfoodsco.com.

I got my recent order in 3 days. A very good place for Indian food stuff.
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