Fer a Cheval concentrated detergent

Is this concentrated liquid laundry detergent safe for “He” washing machine? Is any a big difference between laundry packs and concentrated liquid laundry detergent? Whats more economical? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Irina
  • August 22, 2019


Irina September 15, 2019
What type of floor mop works well with a fer a Cheval concentrated floor cleaner? What kind of bristled mop?
Lori T. August 22, 2019
I believe it is safe to use in an HE machine, and should have measurement marks inside the cup. I used to use the bar version on dirty and oily clothing, and it worked quite well. I tossed it in the machine without any problems. I find the main difference between the laundry packs and concentrated liquid has to do with convenience. The soap a pack contains is pretty much the same as that in a bottle, except you don't need to measure anything. But you also can't adjust the amount if you have a smaller or larger/dirtier load either. I don't mind measuring myself, and the convenience of the packs or pods for me is negligible. But if you have a significant other or a child helping out with the laundry, it can be far easier to instruct them to use one pack or pod per load than try to explain varying requirements of liquid.
Irina August 22, 2019
What’s more economical powder, pods or liquid detergent?
HalfPint August 23, 2019
Powder is more economical and eco-friendly. With pods and liquid detergent, you're paying a premium for water which adds into the weight when transporting the detergent to your local store.
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