Can I cut a smoked fully cooked spiral ham off the bone, transfer it to a aluminum pan with cover and heat it that way? What if any liquid would I put

How much liquid would I put in and what would I do with the glaze pack that came with it? How long and what temp to heat? Thanks for any help

Baul Pradley


E E. December 18, 2015
Sorry, just noticed the glaze pack question. I wouldn't use the glaze pack. It's meant to go just on the outside, and you will have deconstructed the ham. Those packs aren't necessarily made from the greatest ingredients. Using cider will impart a little natural sweetness. Then, instead, maybe you can have one or two sauces instead. Or just some good mustard.
E E. December 18, 2015
Yes! I'd sparingly add apple cider for liquid. I would not use high heat. Somewhere between 250 and 325 degrees F. Allow half hour to an hour.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 17, 2015
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