Sweet surprise calzone with apple raisins and pinenuts

No measurement for raisin and no instruction for amaretto please help

  • Posted by: Feebe
  • August 24, 2019
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1 Comment

Lori T. August 24, 2019
I don't imagine the exact measurement of raisins is too critical, but I'd probably opt to use about 1/4 cup. If that seemed a bit too little against the balance of apple, then I'd add in a few more. As far as when to add the amaretto, I would suggest putting that in the pan with the fruits for the cooking time. That should reduce the liquid total, as well as burn off some of the raw alcohol taste. You don't want that mixture to be too wet, or it will leave you with soggy dough. That would be my best guess as how best to proceed with this recipe. You also want to choose an apple suited to cooking, or it will lose it's shape and become mush. It may also take a little longer than the stated time to reduce the liquid, depending on how juicy your apples are.
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