Omitting the raisins from the carrot cake?

Is it possible to just omit the raisins without adjusting the quantity of the other ingredients? Not fond of raisins and cannot have nuts.

  • Posted by: YY
  • August 25, 2019
Caroline's Carrot Cake
Recipe question for: Caroline's Carrot Cake


YY August 26, 2019
Thanks, sounds yummy but my picky kids won't eat those either. Will be a plain version for us.
Wendy August 26, 2019
Chopped pitted dates are a great substitute for raisins in carrot cake. I also like to add some chopped crystallized ginger!
YY August 25, 2019
Perfect, thanks!
boulangere August 25, 2019
You can omit practically anything from carrot cake (except the carrots) and it will be just fine.
boulangere August 26, 2019
You are most welcome. When I take orders for carrot cake, it is not at all unusual for requests to omit something that someone is allergic, sensitive to, or simply doesn't like. The cake always survives.
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