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Could you please convert the grams to cups? I want to make sure my conversions are correct since my measuring cups for flour and sugar are not read in grams

Maria Kootsikas
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Caroline's Carrot Cake
Recipe question for: Caroline's Carrot Cake

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Lori T. March 13, 2021
I do not know if the recipe writer will be willing or able to convert from weight to volume. Most of the people freely uploading their treasured recipes are not kitchen scientists- and don't provide that kind of service. However, you can try to do it yourself. May I suggest you use one of the converters on the internet like this one -

I'd also highly recommend you invest in a relatively inexpensive scale. Amazon has fairly decent ones available for under $20. Baking is much more accurate and dependable when you do it by weight, as opposed to volume in cups.
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