How many cups are in 3/4 pound of jalapeno peppers

Sonia Herman


Nancy August 31, 2019
There are various sites tgat give nutrition data for cooking ingredients.
Along the way, many give weight/portion sizes by various measures...e,g., ounce, 100g, cup, average size sold in stores.
From these you could convert your 3/4 lb into cups.
And/or just do a search by the ingredient.
C S. August 30, 2019
It would depend on how you measure the peppers to give an accurate answer. If you put whole peppers into a measuring cup it would be a lot lighter than if you chopped them. If you weigh them the volume doesn't matter. My mother used to always say, "a pint's a pound the world around" meaning two cups of something generally weighs a pound. Obviously it is a rule of thumb with a lot of variation depending on what you are measuring. I hope that helps.
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