What does mean z’atar? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Irina
  • September 10, 2019


Nancy September 10, 2019
A middle eastern spice blend using some dried green herb (varies...thyme, hyssop, etc), sesame seed, ground sumac, salt
Very nice in to finish or garnish grilled Pita, mezze (like hummus), salads, meat.
Irina September 10, 2019
I saw in some receipts a mixing a fresh and dried spices? Is’t over spiced a dish? Can you even to taste a truly flavor of food? Dry spices as I understand are more intense than fresh.
Nancy September 10, 2019
Irina - have never had a fresh version, but it sounds interesting.
Generally, a teaspoon of dried HERB comes from one tablespoon fresh.
But the tastes are very different, so it is personal taste as to which is more intense.
Dried SPICE is from non-leaf parts of plants, so there is little difference between just-harvested and dried

Irina September 10, 2019
Ok.Cinnamon strings are a very strong dried spice as it self. When to boiling a fresh pear why person added a fresh sage and dried anise star at the same time? What benefit it gives to a dish?
Irina September 10, 2019
When I’m cooking a chicken with garlic for an example, why I need to add a fresh thyme to it? Isn’t a garlic a not enough?
Nancy September 10, 2019
For pear and chicken spicing - recipe suggests more than one seasoning for combination of flavors.
Also, you can adjust to your taste; omit some or change quantity.
Irina September 10, 2019
Nancy, in your opinion, a certain combination of spices can affect on heart heath or not?
Irina September 10, 2019
If receipt suggests some unfamiliar ingredients which you have never tried.How do you know how to cook it? I didn’t know that rhubarb can be very poisonous if you don’t know how to cook it right.
Nancy September 10, 2019
Medical advice is beyond my expertise. Please ask a registered dietician or physician.
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