Question about cooking time for a sheet pan in the oven?

I love the idea of using frozen ravioli's! I need to make this work for a large family who just had their 4th baby! So I would like to make it in a sheet pan. Should I bake with the ravioli's frozen or at room temp? What would the oven temp be and how long should it bake? Timing is critical as I'm supposed to deliver it tomorrow!! Thank you.

  • Posted by: carol
  • September 11, 2019
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1 Comment

Karen R. September 12, 2019
I'm assuming you are referring to a rectangular baking pan with 2" sides to make this dish, as a sheet pan (which has shallow sides) would not work for the layering as the ravioli needs to be immersed in the sauce for them to cook properly. That said, you could likely make it in a 9"x13" pan utilizing the same baking times. You can always poke the edge of a ravioli to make sure they are tender and cooked through before removing from the oven. If they are not fully cooked, give it a few more minutes.
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