I want to make Chicken Piccata tonight for company and need to substitute rice flour for regular AP Flour (gluten-sensitive guest) . Any tips?

Primarily need to flour the chicken before cooking and make the sauce after chicken with small amount of flour. Can I substitute 1:1 for this?

  • Posted by: Gammy
  • September 15, 2019


Nancy September 15, 2019
Some sources recommend using same volume of rice flour as e-learning wheat flour; others say use only 3/4 as much rice flour.
Maybe start with the lesser amount, and only add more if you need it.
I might add some coarsely ground rice cracker or cereal to the rice flour to get a crunchier coating for the chicken.
Gammy September 15, 2019
Thanks Nancy! The rice cereal is a great idea, wish I had some on hand, but glad to know that the rice flour will most likely be perfectly fine for flouring the chicken prior to sauteing.
Gammy September 17, 2019
Thanks again Nancy, the rice flour worked just as well as AP flour for dusting the chicken breasts and also for thickening the pan sauce.
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