How to boost flavor of low-sugar chutney?

I made a favorite chutney recipe with only 1/4 volume of sugar for some friends who can't eat much sugar. It tastes ok but lacks some zing. Looking for suggestions to boost flavor and/or pull it all together. Was thinking of adding some salt and more vinegar or wine. Do you agree? Have other suggestions?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • September 19, 2019


Nancy September 20, 2019
Thanks for all your suggestions.
This chutney is divided in half, part each for my friends' dinner and part for home use.
Made a snack last night from the home batch, separated in 4 parts and added: salt, fresh lime juice, cinnamon, all 3.
(HalfPint, I was channelling science-experiment or obsessive recipe testing mode.)
The sample with all 3 was the best, so I will repeat that for the gift.
Thanks again, Nancy
HalfPint September 19, 2019
I would increase the 'sweet' spices, like cinnamon or cardamom. I don't know what recipe you are using so it's hard to know what to suggest. I'm hesitant about adding a different sweetener because to the science geek in me, honey and the like are just different forms of sugar. If someone has to limit the sugar in their diet, there's no advantage to using honey.
boulangere September 19, 2019
You could add some honey to boost the sweetness, and also add a nice earthy depth. At the same time, adding some acid in the form of simple fresh lime juice would balance the additional sweetness and brighten the flavors. It's that brightness, the immediate zing on the palate that I suspect is actually the missing ingredient. You're not trying to make it taste like lime chutney, of course, rather to elevate a complex batch of flavors that can tend to settle into the background without a bright flavor to open the door. So to speak.
Emma L. September 19, 2019
Hi! Salt, vinegar, or wine could help, but if it's the sweetness that's lacking—maybe some additional fruit? What type of chutney is it?
Nancy September 19, 2019
Emma - It's Winter Chutney from Chef Allen Susser (Miami). Already has about 5 lb fruit (mango, apricot, pear, cranberry) to make batch of 7-8 cups.
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