Chicken ala King Risotto Pot Pie

Do you feel it is better to have a layer of risotto and then the chicken and gravy on top OR do you feel it's better just to mix the chicken, gravy and risotto all together in the pie?

Stuart Karow


Wendy A. September 28, 2019
Where’s the recipe? I only see one comment, but no recipe
Gammy September 28, 2019
I definitely like your idea of a layer of risotto on the bottom. Assuming a 2 crust pot pie, the risotto would thicken a bit, adding a wonderful bottom texture to the pot pie. With a single top crust pie, the risotto might form a bit of a crust on the bottom. Adding the risotto to the chicken and gravy would make it just chicken rice pot pie, wouldn't it?
Stuart K. September 30, 2019
Gammy, Thank you for your great advice ! I did make the pie with a bottom crust and did a par blind bake. Really, turned out great and was a hit !
Stuart K. September 30, 2019
Here is a pic of a slice my Chicken Ala King Risotto Pie
Stuart K. September 30, 2019
Here is one of two of my Chicken Ala King Risotto Pies
Gammy September 30, 2019
These look yummy Stuart, and a wonderful winter comfort dish! Partial blind bake was a great idea, too. Can you post the recipe on Food52?
AntoniaJames September 30, 2019
Bravo, Stuart. What a great looking fall dish. Would love to see the recipe! (Please.) ;o)
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