Convection cooking time: brisket

Hi: does anyone know if you can cook a brisket using the convection setting on an oven. Right now I have a 6 pound brisket in a 280 degree oven. It is covered and simmering in liquid. Does anyone know if convection cooking is ok for a brisket and if so, how long?

  • Posted by: Elyssa
  • September 29, 2019
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1 Comment

QueenSashy September 30, 2019
In most ovens, convection cycle uses the same heating element as the regular baking cycle, but it has a fan and exhaust system, which help blow hot oven air around the food. (Think of it as a bake with a fan). This is an excellent cycle for roasts (any most other foods) because they cook more evenly and faster. A rule of thumb is to reduce the temperature of convection cycle by about 25F compared to the temperature you would use for bake cycle. In general, I find convection to be superior to bake, but don't use it on delicate things like souffles, flans and fine cakes, which can collapse from blowing air onto them. For brisket, stick with the recipe you have, and perhaps reduce the temperature to 260F. At that temperature, you are looking at at least four hours, probably five. (As a side remark, a lot of brisket recipes I've seen use 300F, so it could be that your recipe is already accounting for convection oven.)

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