Can I save a tough smoked brisket by cooking it twice?

I spent yesterday smoking a 5 lb brisket in my PK Grill using the snake method where you run a thin line of charcoal briquettes around the perimeter of the smoker so that only a small handful are burning at any time (it was an idea from America’s Test Kitchen, I think). I think the grill was between 175-200 degrees for most of the time. After 12 hours the brisket was only up to 155ish degrees, which was a bummer because it was 10:30 pm by then and I was hoping I could take it out to cool down before I went to bed. Anyway I checked it again at 12am, it was only at 168ish, set my alarm and checked it at 2:15, it was about 178ish and the briquette snake was almost done, so I added a few more, and set my alarm for 4:15. When I checked it at 4:15 the briquettes had all burned out, the meat was still probing tough and had apparently been cooling for a while because it was 140ish degrees. So I gave up and put the meat in a big Tupperware and put it in the fridge. So here’s my question! Can I wrap it in foil and put it in a low oven today to try to bring it up to that magical 200 degree internal temp? Or is that not possible now that I’ve chilled it? Can I save a tough brisket by cooking it a second time after refrigerating?



Nancy May 31, 2021
AreilleClementine - I have not had that tough brisket problem, so can only offer a second-hand solution in this article...see if it helps you save a big chunk of meat and turn it into useful sandwiches.
And/or follow Lori's advice.
Good luck and let us know whether and how well it worked out.
Lori T. May 31, 2021
Yes, you certainly can put that brisket back in the oven. Wrap it well in foil , along with any juices it may have given off. Bake it at 225-250F until it hits the internal temp of between 200 and 210F. You won't lose anything but the tough chew factor if you do it this way, either. The smoke flavor is already there, all that is left is getting the connective tissue to relax. That's a low heat, not a smoke requirement. Let it rest for a half hour before slicing, and enjoy!
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