How can I prepare heirloom corn?

I bought heirloom corn at the farmer’s market. It is beautiful with multicolored kernels but having trouble finding recipes. Does anyone have experience with cooking this less sweet corn?

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1 Comment

HalfPint October 7, 2019
Do you know what type of heirloom corn it is? With the less sweet variety, the corn is dried out and ground for cornmeal or grits. I once grew strawberry corn that was a pretty red/purple color that was dried and then popped. I would look through pioneer cookbooks for corn recipes. Here's a fun site about heirloom corn:

A lot of the heirloom corn was also grown for animal feed, so they might not be your old-fashion corn on the cob. I once worked with a manager from Nebraska. She had relocated to Connecticut. She said that the corn grown in the midwest was not for human consumption, so whenever family visited her in CT, she cooked them corn-on-the-cob because the New England area corn was delicious and grown for humans, not livestock ;).
This probably doesn't help you much. I have a feeling you have the type of corn that needs to dried and then gets ground to a meal. At the very least, you can make them ornamental for the Autumn season and upcoming holidays :)
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