How to cook a fully baked hasselback potatoes? What’s a secret? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Irina
  • October 7, 2019


Solveig M. October 8, 2019
Hi Irina, trying to understand your question - do you mean hasselback potatoes that get cooked all the way through, or from pre-baked potatoes? Do you normally have aproblem with hasselback potatoes not coking fully?
Irina October 8, 2019
Yes,I can’t cook a hasselback potatoes all the way through. I baked almost about two hours and potatoes are cooked only a top of it and leave a raw part in the center of hasselback potatoes.
Irina October 8, 2019
Should I boil a hasselbaked potatoes before bake it?
Solveig M. October 8, 2019
That's really weird! I've never had that issue with my hasselback potatoes. Instead they cook quicker than say whole potatoes in the oven. What temperature are you using? How thin do you cut the slices?
Solveig M. October 8, 2019
No, I think that would be impossible. I don't think you can slice the potato in thin slices once its cooked.
Solveig M. October 8, 2019
Do you use normal size potatoes? Typically hasselback potatos are not as big as baking potatoes, but normal size so that you need quite a few for a serving.
Irina October 8, 2019
375F and I used a hasselback potato slicer. Potatoes were Russet.
Irina October 8, 2019
Instead of golden Yukon potatoes we used a Russet potatoes which are much larger size. It’s difficult to cook.
Solveig M. October 9, 2019
I think that's why. But even then 2 hours seem excessive. Use normal size potatoes and try again! Hasselback potatoes are really lovely, when fully cooked ;)
And good luck!
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