Do we use chili powder (a mixture of ground chiles, cumin, oregano, salt, garlic powder, and other spices), or chile powder: ground Ancho chiles?



Brinda A. October 8, 2019
Hi Drew! For this dish, chili powder (the blend, salt-free, if you can find it!) allows for a bit more depth of flavor in the sauce, due to the different spices in the mixture. That said, really, either will work. If you happen to use chile powder (as in, ground/powdered chiles), I'd taste it to see how to spicy it is, and probably start with less in the dish—something like 2 teaspoons—and add more to your liking as the dish braises. Hope this helps!
Drew G. October 9, 2019
Thanks! I cook a lot of Indian / South Asian food, so I'm always amused and befuddled by the different spellings of chile vs chili, and S Asians often misspell telling you to use" chilly / chillies".
Brinda A. October 9, 2019
Haha! Totally hear you—I have South Asian grandmothers and they love their "chilly/chillies"!
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