Looking for a true Pasta Bible!

I am currently in the process of mastering my pasta making skills, not recipes using pasta, making pasta from scratch. I am interested in everything pasta, all shapes, flours and tools. I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good pasta cookbook. There is a book called the Pasta Bible that won a James Beard award. I may start there, anyone have opinions on that book?

  • Posted by: JAC
  • October 9, 2019


Nancy October 9, 2019
In addition to boulangere's recommendation:
New Complete Book of Pasta, An Italian Cookbook, revised edition 1985, Maria Luisa Scott & Jack Denton Scott
Marcella Hazan's recipe for pasta from scratch ...works from the first time you make it, delicious and, I noticed after I made it a couple times, identical to my mother's recipe for kreplach dough...also always delicious.
Published in Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (and in her earlier books), also online
JAC October 9, 2019
I have Marcella's book and I have tried her recipes. You're right, works the first time! Thank you for your recommendation. I'll check it out!
boulangere October 9, 2019
I looked long and hard before I bought a pasta-making book, also. I wanted one, not twenty. The one I (very happily) decided on is The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook by Serena Cosmi. I have learned a not from it, from regional pastas and their shapes, to different ingredients, sauces, and preparations. I will use it for many years to come. That said, I've been following a group called the Pasta Grannies on both Instagram and YouTube. They have a book coming out soon, and I plan to buy it as well. Everything, and I mean everything, they make is done by hand with the simplest of "equipment", typically nothing more exotic than a board, and fork, and a very long rolling pin. Buon apetito!
JAC October 9, 2019
I'm a Pasta Grannies fan, too! I noticed their book is available for pre-order on Amazon. I might bite. Thanks for your recommendation. I'll definitely check it out.
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