Substitute for brandy in persimmon pudding recipe?

Is there something else that is non-alcoholic that can be substituted for the brandy in the persimmon pudding? Could I just increase the vanilla?

California Persimmon Pudding
Recipe question for: California Persimmon Pudding


Nancy October 20, 2019
Possible substitutes - good quality white grape, peach or apple juice, de-alcoholized wine (if you can find some with no or low-enough for you alcohol).
Each will give a fruity note and some moisture.
And the peach or apple a slightly different note.
CoffeeAndBaconYum October 20, 2019
Thanks, Nancy! Great idea!
CoffeeAndBaconYum October 19, 2019
Thank you for the replies! I actually don't care for the taste of brandy or rum in baked goods so I was just asking to see what else could be used.
Kristen W. October 20, 2019
Ah, well in that case you could just leave the brandy out and then taste the raw mixture (if you’re OK with that) and see if it’s complex enough for you. My guess is that it would be. Or you could swap out 1/2 of the white sugar for brown sugar, which is more complex-tasting. Another thought I had which may or may not work would be adding cardamom, which would alter the flavor profile towards the fruity and away from the bitterness of the alcohol, but you could try it with a small bit of batter separately and see if it complements or competes with the rest.
CoffeeAndBaconYum October 20, 2019
Thank you for your suggestions, Kristen!
boulangere October 19, 2019
It is also possible to find brandy and rum extracts, but they have the same alcohol content as vanilla extract. If you're sensitive about alcohol, I would suggest simply using the recommended amount of vanilla extract. One of the functions of vanilla is that it elevates other flavors, and you've got them in spades in this lovely pudding.
CoffeeAndBaconYum October 20, 2019
Kristen W. October 19, 2019
If you’re trying to avoid alcohol, then no. Pure vanilla extract is 35% alcohol (the same proof as Captain Morgan rum, according to google). I think you could just leave it out though, and have a perfectly good pudding.
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