My Thermador stove is old and aging. My oven doesn't work (electronic); are there baking workarounds on a stovetop?

The thermador stove was used when we moved in 20 years ago. I miss my oven desperately; so I am wondering if there are any workarounds for baking recipes on the stovetop?

Lauren Chan Welch
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1 Comment

boulangere October 19, 2019
My daughter lives in a studio apartment in L.A., and also has a cooktop (2 burners) and no oven. She has gotten quite good at "baking" on her cooktop. She has made frittatas, and her life-long favorite Dutch baby. She has also mastered pizzas made with a double thickness of flour tortillas and not too many toppings. The secret appears to be using a sturdy, heavy-bottomed pan (preferably cast iron), with a lid that covers completely, and using low (very low) heat and a heap of patience. Think of it as a grand experiment.
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