Any ideas on a sweet tarte soleil filling?

Hey guys! I have scoured the web for tarte soleil dessert recipes and haven’t quite found anything I am interested in. I am considering making an apple pie filling with finely chopped apples for the tart but would love other ideas! Just an FYI I am not a fan of Nutella/chocolate tartes. Any ideas?? Thank you!

  • Posted by: Diari
  • November 5, 2019


boulangere November 5, 2019
Your apple idea sounds lovely. Just be sure to chop them quite finely so they don't impede the pastry's rise. I'd also suggest sautéing them first to drive off some of their moisture. I've also use a first layer of ricotta (let it come to room temperature before spreading it), followed by a layer of preserves. For purchased preserves, I have long liked Bonne Maman. Besides being extremely fruity, you have the lovely jar to reuse.
Diari November 6, 2019
Thanks! The ricotta and preserves options sounds really lovely!
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