Cake sticking in pan and won’t come out.

I made this cake for a 2nd time tonight. It’s a great, unique cake. However, it is sticking to the pans like it did the first time. I used cooking spray and coated them well both times. What can I do to prevent this next time, and how can I get them out this time without leaving a chunk in the pan?

Mike Tripp
Layered Toffee Crunch Cake
Recipe question for: Layered Toffee Crunch Cake


bitememore November 12, 2019
Hi Mike!

Toffee bits tend to stick to the bottom of a pan when they are cooked.

I would suggest after spraying with non-stick cooking spray to line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper. You can also grease and flour the pan but parchment paper will guarantee nothing sticks.

Make sure to cut around the edges and let the cakes cool before flipping them out of the pans.

Hope this helps!
Michelle November 11, 2019
I would line the pan with parchment paper.

You can cut ribbons of parchment paper, create an x so that the parchment paper is longer and falls over the cake pan but meets in the middle and then layer it around the sticky sides where its getting caught. You should be able to finesse it out of the pan.
creamtea November 11, 2019
Since the toffee candy is a sticky element that will bond the batter to the cake pan, next time I'd spray it, flour bottom and sides tapping out the excess flour. Let cool for 10 minutes, no longer. If you let a cake cool too long in the pan, it will stick. Take a sharp thin knife and cut around the circumference between the cake and the pan side. Invert over a rack, (sometimes you have to sort of rap it against the table to release fully). Sometimes, if the bottom seems to be starting to stick, if it's a firm-textured cake you can take a small offset spatula and jimmy it under to gently lift it, going around and around and being careful not to break the cake, then invert on the rack to release.

Stephanie B. November 9, 2019
Are you lining the bottom of your cake pans with parchment paper?
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