Can dried apricots be used in this recipe?

Can dried apricots be used in this recipe? If so, what changes in water and sugar would there be? Baking time?

Leslye Dedopoulos
Apricot Lime Fruit Leather
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Gammy November 17, 2019
I remember my grandad bring us apricot leather from NYC where he worked, way back in the dark ages, way before any appeared in the grocery snack aisles. Such a treat! I would LOVE to try this recipe and would do so with dried apricots. I think it would be an easy swap, but a bit of experimenting will go on. I would start with this recipe, chopping and measuring the apricots and start adding the water with 1/4 cup, but I would keep watching the pot, you will want the apricots to break down and make a soupy paste... it may need extra water or not, depending upon the moisture already in the apricots, extra cooking time to reconstitute the apricots may be the only variable. When ready to puree, you don't want any excess liquid in the cooked apricot mixture, as it will only add time to the oven drying. The sugar amount mentioned in the recipe is done to taste and should be the same whether using fresh or dried apricots. Timing may vary either way, but if the dried apricot paste is the right consistency, it may be close to 4 hours. I would start checking around 3 hours, aiming for that mostly dried but still slightly tacky to touch feel mentioned in the recipe. Good luck and let us know how this turns out for you!
Leslye D. November 17, 2019
Thanks very much! I appreciate all the detail. I have fond memories of peeling the apricot fruit off the plastic as a child. And at one time it was easy to buy them but now I can’t find them anywhere except Amazon and I don’t really want to buy a whole case of it! Stay tuned...
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