I made it yesterday and I have some questions about the caramel please. Since it started very dark it was not so easy to tell when to add the cr...

...eam...can you stir it while it is melting....and after adding the cream it seemed to be runny....I finally mixed it with the almonds and baked it, but I think it might have come out too hard. What is the consistency of the finished tart filling?
I had to warm the individual slices in the microwave to make them a bit softer....so I think I did something wrong. Can you offer any advice? TYVM
It was truly delicious and I did use tangerines and want to make it for a dinner party next weekend which is why I tested it yesterday

  • Posted by: bwf17
  • March 27, 2011


jams March 28, 2011
cook it to 320-350 before adding the cream, to carmelize all the sugar
bwf17 March 28, 2011
Thanks for the help...are you saying the caramel should be 320-350 before adding the cream or cook with cream until it is 320-350?
jams March 27, 2011
I made this last night, and stirred the sugar/honey mix gently as I waited for it to carmelize. It was pretty brown when I added the cream. Then it was runny but thickened up as I cooked it for the length of time the recipe says. Don't over cook the carmel. You are looking for about 320 to 350 degrees. Mine came out with a nice texture.
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