A question about a recipe: Tangerine and Almond Shortbread Tart

I have a question about step 2 on the recipe "Tangerine and Almond Shortbread Tart" from lorigoldsby. It says:

"Line the bottom of a 10-inch tart pan with a removable base with buttered parchment paper"
Where am I putting the buttered parchment? Am I blind baking this first? Am I putting the filling onto the parchment? I bake a lot, and keep rereading this recipe and I can't figure it out. No one else has asked this ?, maybe I am goofy!



Cookie100 April 5, 2011
Thank you.
lorigoldsby April 5, 2011
Sorry for the confusion...I usually bake cheesecakes and I line my pans so that I can easily transport them....when I first created this I was worried about the caramel, so I thought the parchment would make everything easier.... if you have a removable bottom tart/quiche pan, you can omit this.the shortened crust allows for easy removal. I've actually made this tart more times since the contest than I had before I submitted it!!
Kristen M. April 5, 2011
Here's the slideshow of Amanda & Merrill making the tart, which might help: http://bit.ly/eBhdXw In the 10th slide, you can see the buttered parchment round in the bottom of the pan (they cut it too small by accident, but it worked out okay). No blind baking required!
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