What's the right way to serve a baguette at the table?

I usually heat it in the oven, break it in half, wrap it in a linen napkin and place it on a plate. This is clumsy. What's better?

  • Posted by: Ana
  • November 24, 2019


PHIL November 25, 2019
I always warm in the oven then slice, Also I slice some thicker , some thinner
Nancy November 24, 2019
No right way.
Serve in a way that's useful for the meal it's served with.
Two other options
• just slices, plain, with a rubbing butter available on the table.
• on a cutting board with a serrated knife for slicing as needed.
Nancy November 24, 2019
With a tub of butter on the table.
Aja A. November 24, 2019
Also, the French typically serve their baguettes with a very rustic, unfussy look. They are even known for serving the baguette directly on the table. I personally love a vibrant bread board with lots of savory snacks. For example, try a cheeseboard and do a few rough chops of the bread and spread across the board with other items on the menu that night. Cheese, pistachios, figs, oranges are a good start. Love the look of these bread and cheese board here. https://food52.com/shop/products/4892-food52-x-epicurean-xl-matte-black-natural-fiber-cutting-boards
Aja A. November 24, 2019
Hi Ana,
Totally depends on personal choice! You can serve a baguette presliced in a cozy bread basket with a nice linen or cloth on top of the basket, then nestle the slices of baguette within the basket and pass it around! Another idea is to use a baguette board, I love this vintage one. https://food52.com/shop/products/5331-vintage-found-german-baguette-board
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