.What to sub for chili powder?

I am very sensitive to the heat in chilies, peppers etc. What would make a good sub for the chili powder?

Five Spice Oven Roasted Nuts
Recipe question for: Five Spice Oven Roasted Nuts


Kristen W. November 26, 2019
There are some very mild chili powders. Paprika is one example, and there are mild Mexican chili powders as well. If you want a smoky element you could sub a good smoked paprika or pimentón, but I’m not sure how that would play with the five spice. I suspect the chili powder is in the recipe primarily for the heat, so if you take that out you’d have to see if the flavors clash at all. You could leave it out altogether if need be, and they’d still be good, just less complex.
Kristen W. November 26, 2019
Clarification: I meant if you take the heat out, not the chili powder.
MMH November 25, 2019
There is not one recipe for Chile powder. They contain many things. It might be a good idea to visit some place like Penzey’s so you can sample different recipes. Or look online to to research recipes. There is not always heat involved.
Nancy November 26, 2019
Agree; chili powder in Anerican recipes is not mainly a hot blend. Most often, the blends are dominated by cumin, paprika and maybe some pepper.
You could replace that blend with
• just cumin,
• cumin and a mild paprika if you can stand the latter
• more of the 5-spice blend, if you want
• nothing....just omit and the nuts will still taste good.
Erin A. November 26, 2019
Hi Miss_Karen! I couldn't agree with MMH and Nancy more—I think some combination of cumin and a mild paprika would work really nicely here, in place of the chili powder. Or nothing! The sugar, salt, five spice, and orange juice make a great combo on their own.
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