Used rice as pastry weight. Is rice still ok to cook as us?

I used Jasmine Rice as pastry weighs and it worked great. Do I have to discard the rice now or can I still cook it as usual when I need it?

Food odyssea


Miss_Karen November 26, 2019
I use the same bag of rice all the time as pie weight. I would think if you used the rice like this just once,then you could cook it as rice -but soak it first. Worth a shot. If it doesn't work then you'll know for next time. Luckily rice is not expensive :)
Erin A. November 26, 2019
Hi Food odyssea! I've never tried cooking with rice used as a pastry weight—I suspect it might be too dry to cook with and eat afterward, but I've heard of others on the internet trying it and getting good results. If you decide not to experiment with it, I'd suggest saving this batch of rice and continuing to re-use it as a pastry weight.
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